6 Kabengele Avenue

Near Chisokone Market.

P.o. Box 21663

Kitwe, Zambia

E-mail: info@cindikitwe.org


About Cindi Kitwe

Our Vision

 We envision a community in which children and their carers are healthy and happy


Our Mission

CINIDI exists to reduce vulnerablity to children through household and community empowerment,education support and facilitating access to health services.


Briefly about CINDI

Children in Distress (CINDI) Kitwe, founded in 1994 is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to supporting orphans and children made vulnerable by poverty, HIV and AIDS. Since then, CINDI has been working with communities in promoting resilience by providing them with survival skills, mentoring, income generating activities, promoting food and income security.


Our Strategic Directions

-Provide psychosocial and education support to Orphans and Vulnerable children

-Strengthen Community and vulnerable household's food and income security

-Strengthen CINDI's organisational governance and management systems

Operation Areas

Zamtan                                  Bulangililo

Zambia/Kamfinsa                    Itimpi

Chimwemwe                           Kwacha

Kamitondo                              Kakolo

Buchi                                     Luangwa and Chipata




CINDI draws its strength from the web of about 513 active volunteers in its 11 catchment areas that have dedicated their time and energy in serving the interests of their communities. Their capacity of the community is strengthened by:


-Elevating community based leadership structures into legally registered community based organisations

-Involvement of community leaders in all CINDI work from planning to evaluation stage

-Training in governance, community mobilisation,financial management among others

-On-going monitoring and support

-Community income generating activities


Education Support

CINDI believes that all children have the right to education. CINDI Kitwe plays a vital role in the education for all campaign through support for OVC in primary,secondary and tertiary levels of education. This is through the provision of:-


-User fees

-Examination fees

School requisites and

-Lobbying for University bursaries


Food & Income

By Promoting Sustainable improved livelihoods through:-


-Training and support in food production

-Training and support in IGA management

Provision  of food supplements to households with limited income earning opportunity


Health HIV & Advocasy

CINDI is promoting better levlihood for PLHIV and orphans and vulnerable children through:-


-Advocating for adequate and quality nutrition

Advocating for nutrition supplements for OVC and people on antiretroviral therapy

-Psychosocial support for people affected by HIV/AIDS

-Advocating for full package  of quality health care for PLHIV