6 Kabengele Avenue

Near Chisokone Market.

P.o. Box 21663

Kitwe, Zambia

E-mail: info@cindikitwe.org


This is a call to you to become a friend of CINDI. When you become a friend of CINDI, you will be able to contribute to the lives of 12,000 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) living in Kitwe by improving their welfare through the provision of basic needs supported by:

1. providing educational support through:

 payments of school fees;

 Provision of educational materials such as books, uniforms and school shoes.


2. providing health care support through:

 payments of medical fees;

 Provision of medicines.


3. providing other general welfare support through

 provision of food supplements;

 provision of toiletries;

 Provision of clothing and blankets.


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